Turbo Balancing

turbo balancing

Turbo balancing requires critical tolerances, as does balancing superchargers and compressors. Where revolutions per minute often are in the tens of thousands, vibration and lack of balance can lead to bearing failure, vibration, and fan/compressor blade cracking and failure.

Today about one-third of the cars on the road are equipped with turbochargers and the numbers are increasing steadily. The reasons for this rapid development of turbocharged engines are the increasingly strict gas consumption and emission regulations. This is being reduced by consistent downsizing of engines. So as not to compromise the performance of engines with much smaller capacity, turbochargers are being increasingly utilized.

Although turbochargers are designed for a very long-life cycle, damage still occurs – frequently due to insufficient maintenance. Defective turbochargers are often replaced with new ones which is often not necessary!  With the right know-how and suitable equipment, turbochargers can be repaired to as new condition. In addition to special tools, cleaning equipment and spare parts, balancing machines are required. Balancing ensures perfectly smooth running, quality and reliability comparable to that of a new part. The result: As good as new!  


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