Safety Enclosures

Safety Enclosure 1

Safety devices and enclosures for balancing machines help to avoid accidents and are even prescribed by law for many applications. For many years our supplier have participated in the development of the International Standards for balancing equipment and its safe operation.

ISO 7475 – 1984 describe possible safety hazards resulting from the operation of a balancing machine, and classifications of safety barriers and enclosures for different protection classes.

As a result, Balancing Solutions provide some recommendations regarding the safe operating procedures of balancing machines. Under Government legislation it is a requirement that all necessary safety measures be undertaken to ensure the safety of the operator, and others, and prevent them form coming in contact with rotating work-pieces.

Balancing solutions offers a complete line of enclosures that meet all regulations and applicable standards for all machine sizes. A balancing machine may present a potential hazard to the operator or the surrounding workshop environment and must be protected from:

  • Personnel encountering machine components
  • Unbalance correction masses detaching and flying off the rotor
  • The rotor lifting off the supports, or disintegrating
  • Dangerous or protruding rotor components, or those which may become detached during rotation in the balancing machine.

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