Is your balancing machine in good, well-maintained mechanical condition, but your Instrumentation has become obsolete or do you want to keep up with the latest technologies, then the option of upgrading your instrumentation may be the solution.

In many cases one of the first things that can cause a problem with your current balancer can be the instrumentation.  If your current mechanicals on your existing balancer are in good working condition then the JP-680, JP-580 or the JP-380 are the perfect tools to improve your old balancer and make it better than when it was new.

The 680 and 580 are windows based touch screen (JP-680) or key pad (JP-580) operated measuring systems while the JP-380 is a digital based unit. All three are excellent units to get your old balancer back up to speed and operating like new.

All developed with a compact design, the devices are quickly installed and made operational. This form of modernization is a cost-effective solution for upgrading your machine to the current technological advancements in the balancing industry.

Most brand names can be retrofitted, including horizontal or vertical balancers and soft bearing or hard bearing measuring systems. When your budget is limited this can be the perfect way to make your old balancer like new at a very reasonable cost.

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